For the boaters tired of pull starting their outboard, we make a comprehensive range of Electric Start Conversion Kits to suit Yamaha, Mercury and Tohatsu outboards ranging from 9.9hp to 50hp. We are the only manufacturer of electric start conversion kits in Australia and on some models, the only manufacturer in the world. All but one of our kits are designed and made here in Queensland. All kits are comprehensive and include detailed instruction manuals written in English and have plenty of photos to help make it easy. Installation typically takes between 1-2 hours and can usually be performed by a person with reasonable mechanical competency. Alternatively, we could recommend a reputable marine mechanic in your area that you could either pay to install or order the kit from them and pay them to install.

So, what do the kits include?
They include everything needed to convert your engine to a fully functioning tiller steer engine with electric start. The only other item that you will need to buy will be a battery. We recommend using a battery of at least 600MCA capacity. Our kits typically contain a starter motor, starter motor bracket, flywheel, start solenoid, regulator/rectifier, neutral safety switch and bracket, start button, all required bolts, washers and grommets, battery leads and installation manual.

Some benefits to fitting our kits are:
1. Our kits are made in Australia and backed by a warranty Australia wide.
2. Converting your engine is much cheaper than trading in your engine and buying another that is already electric start.
3. Your 2 stroke engine will still be lighter and more compact after conversion than an equivalent powered 4 stroke with electric start.
4. All kits include a regulator/rectifier to charge the battery.
5. All conversions still retain the rope start facility so there is a back up in case of a flat battery.
6. Our battery leads are made 2.4mtr long using marine grade 6B&S australian tinned copper, not automotive grade OFC copper as some manufacturers do.
7. We can customise the battery lead lengths if battery needs to be located further from engine.
8. Our kits are built up to a standard, not down to a price. We use a mixture of tried and proven genuine components from Yamaha, Tohatsu along with premium quality aftermarket components from other manufacturers and components that we manufacture ourselves.

Our range of kits include:
CNV01 - $800 - suits Mercury/Tohatsu 25/30hp 2 stroke from 2002 - 2015
CNV02 - $850 - suits Mercury/Tohatsu 40/50hp 3 cyl 2 stroke from 2002 - 2018
CNV02B - $750 - same kit as CNV02, but with cheaper generic regulator/rectifier instead of genuine Tohatsu item.
CNV03 - $1190 - suits Yamaha 25/30hp single carb 2 stroke from 1998 - 2018
CNV04 - $1090 - suits Yamaha 40hp 2 cyl 2 stroke from 1998 - 2018
CNV05 - $1290(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Yamaha 40/50hp 3 cyl 2 stroke from 1993 - 2018
CNV06 - $990(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Yamaha 20/25hp twin carb 2 stroke from 1994 - 2018
CNV07 - $1190(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Yamaha 30hp 3 cyl 2 stroke from 1998 - 2018
CNV08 - $1090 - suits Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke from 1998 - 2009
CNV09 - $1090 - suits Yamaha 9.9/15hp 4 stroke from 2000 - 2008
CNV11 - $1190 - suits Yamaha 30hp 3 cyl 2 stroke from 1989 - 1997
CNV12 - $850 - suits Yamaha 9.9/15hp 2 stroke from 1996 - 2018
CNV16 - $690(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Yamaha 20/25hp twin carb 2 stroke from 1989 - 1993
CNV17 - $990(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Mercury/Tohatsu (made in Japan) 9.9/15/18hp 2 stroke from 2002 - 2018
CNV18 - $1190(plus $200 flywheel deposit) - suits Mercury/Tohatsu 25/30hp 2 stroke from 2016 - 2018

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